Easy Banana Ice-cream

I am always down for ice-cream, but I don’t always want to spend time in the gym making up for it. Banana ice-cream is a quick, easy to make snbananas-652497_640ack that I always have on hand.
What you need: 


-Soy milk (or almond, dairy, coconut) 

That’s it!… no really, you only need two ingredients to make this ice-cream.

I also like to add cinnamon, strawberries, or chocolate chips. It’s really easy to make this recipe more interesting, but it is delicious on its own as well.

To start chop up a banana and freeze the pieces. Once they’re frozen add them to a food processor.  Add a tablespoon of milk for a smoother consistency. After pulsing the bananas and milk you have your ice-cream! I love to add chocolate chips for sweetness and texture. This is an extremely easy recipe that satisfies craving.

There is so many health benefits to bananas too, so you’ll feel good about eating this ice-cream!

Bananas are loaded with manganese, which is essential for bone health. Bananas are also extremely easy to digest which is healthy for your stomach while still providing you with tons of vitamins and nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin b-6, and tons of fiber to help you feel full. Bananas are just so appealing how could you not love them? 




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