Healthy Late Night Snacks

I know more than anybody that after a huge study sesh it’s typical to be super hungry. You really shouldn’t eat right before bed, but if you’re going to, make sure you’re making smart choices. Avoid fatty or acidic foods that will just be stored as fat.

High-fiber cereal and milk– Full of fiber and low in calories is guaranteed to fill you up without making876444020_50a4ee892c_z you feel bad about it after. Make sure to avoid sugary cereal,
choose high fiber cereal like Raisin Bran or Corn Flakes. It will be easy to digest and isn’ loaded with calories

Nonfat Greek Yogurt- for about 100 calories you can get a good source of protein, plus dairy products contain “tryptophan” which helps calm and relax you (perfect for right before bed!)

An apple with peanut butter– Apples are loaded with fiber and if you’re looing for a crunch it’s the perfect snack. The added protein in peanut butter will be perfect to fill you up. For a healthier option choose almond butter.

Carrots– Full of crunch, carrots are a perfect snack. They only contain 4 (fat-free) calories per baby carrot and are extremely healthy. You can snack ’til you fall asleep!4604796465_633591f39d_m

– Bananas re loaded with fiber and tryptophan (the same chemical found in dairy products) to help you fill up and relax. The best part about bananas is the easy clean up, just6571454435_de16bfd860_m throw away the peel and you’re good to go.
Most of the time I get a craving for sweets and fruit just can’t cure it.

Nonfat chocolate pudding- is perfect to cure cravings. One pack is just under 100 calories and  is sure to not ruin your diet.


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