6 Study Tips to Boost Your Overall Health

The week that is talked about all semester is finally here- finals week. In the hustle and bustle of crammed libraries, long lines for a caffeine fix, and students stressing people often forget to take a minute to relax. Mental health plays a very important factor in a persons overall well-being. Hopefully these 6 study 6059388086_984cd0e3e2_ztips will lead you to study more and stress less

  1. Study Spot: Atmosphere is everything. Find an area where you will be comfortable and not distracted. Going to a place where you’re comfortable and positive will help you be more productive.
  2. Set Goals: create a realistic list of everything you need to get done by the end of your study session. By not procrastinating, it will be easier and give you more time to complete your checklist.
  3. Bring everything you need, nothing that you don’t: eliminate distractions by keeping everything you don’t need away from your study space. Computers often seem like a good way to take notes, but can often be a distraction.
  4. Utilize Technology: There are now a lot of at home tutoring and tutorial websites to help guide you through subject material. Click here for a list of website with beneficial tutoring tools.
  5. Take breaks: It can actually be more beneficial to take breaks every hour or so. It can be as simple as taking a walk, making coffee, or talking with friends. Getting up and moving is a great energizer and can be just the boost you need.  Power up by eating healthy study snacks. Click here for good snack ideas.
  6. Stay positive: Attitude is everything. Remaining positive and remembering that studying is temporary pain for long term success will get you through your study sesh.



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